The Midlife Letters

onto something

My Friend,

Ya know, my brain says to get as many things going as possible to earn money and save myself, and there are good reasons to “diversify the portfolio” with multiple options/opportunities…


Part of my yardwork plan for today is to cut most of the spontaneous branches from the base of some nearly dead trees — all except the branch that’s grown strongest and tallest, so the tree’s final efforts will be diverted and focused there.

Along those lines, but on the opposite end of the life cycle…

The first (maybe second) rule of seedlings is to plant 2 or 3 seeds per cell or pot then “thin” them by plucking out the weakest and tossing them in the compost (or a salad!) to reserve the soil’s resources for the plant exhibiting the best chance of survival.

There are surely examples of flora going the other way — creating abundance, wild thriving…

But that’s not part of today’s plan nor what’s on my mind.

This year is about making the most of what I already have, and today is about redirecting limited resources where they’ll do the most good…

As well as noticing that whether a plant is starting out or winding down, the key to flourishing is eliminating weaknesses to focus finite resources.

Winnow to just one.

And as summer yardwork for our 4-acre patch proves to be an unwinnable war against the unstoppable force harbored by trees and grass and greenery and every effing growing thing…? lol 😅

(And the price of being slack about this work last year is needing a saw instead of scissors to cut things back today…)

I have to believe that leafy beings that only know to grow…

They’re onto something.



photo by Aaron Burden